Application Example: Flavor Blends, Encapsulated Flavors and Maillard Reaction of Flavors


The use of flavors and aromas in food processing plays an important role in food consumption and consumer acceptance. Flavor stability and handling are important to the overall food quality; therefore it is critical that steps are taken to ensure this stability is not compromised through manufacturing or storage processes, packaging, or reactions with other ingredients. Coperion K-Tron feeders and pneumatic conveying systems are used extensively in the food industry for the accurate and gentle handling of flavor blends to minimize aroma degradation. Coperion's food components fulfill the highest demands in hygiene, easy cleaning and gentle product handling. In addition, Coperion high efficiency ZSK MEGAvolume PLUS twin screw extruders are used to encapsulate volatile flavors and aromas. The encapsulated product can then be used to create food products with improved shelf life, easy product handling, and more controlled release properties. Encapsulated flavors are used in instant beverages, teas, confectionery and bakery products. A second field of operation for ZSK MEGAvolume PLUS extruders utilizes the Maillard reaction for flavor formation. The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars which gives browned foods their desirable flavor. Savory flavors such as roasted onion, gravy base, roasted or cooked meat flavor can be created continuously in a very low moisture environment.   

Ingredient Transfer

The transfer of ingredients is dependent upon a wide variety of process parameters, including material characteristics, distance to be transferred, required rate of transfer, and the type of container in which the ingredient is originally received.